The Forum Mall is one of the oldest and largest shopping mall in Bengaluru developed by Prestige Group. The shopping mall holds 780,000 sq. ft of shops over five floors with 12 cinema screens. With such humongous amount of shopping and entertainment capacity, the mall is flocked with enormous crowd from all demographics round the year. This huge crowd puts an immense pressure on limited number of restrooms posing a great inconvenience to visitors.

The Forum Mall is known for its unique architectural design and hence the architect wanted to extend the legacy to restrooms as well. The architect demanded the restrooms to be installed in curved shape which was an unprecedented demand for our team. But our team took it as a challenge and gave its nod to the unique demand.

High footfall resistant
High footfall resistant
Anti Bacterial
Bacteria Resistant
Moisture Resistant
Moisture Resistant
East Cleaning
Easy to clean & maintain
Children Friendly
Children Friendly
Vandal Resistant
Vandal Resistant


The first challenge the team faced was to select the right model to be installed which could be easily customized to fulfill the unusual design requirement. After several discussions between different teams, the client zeroed on Titan Box Up. The product team and installation team engineered several changes to the product like breaking the pilaster into two parts and even the top rail into multiple parts to form the required curved structure. Post installation, the client and the architect approved the installation in unison praising the efforts put in by Merino’s entire team to achieve the remarkable feat.

Products used :  18mm  Titan Box Up cubicles


“I am an Architect by profession. And that’s why the most crucial factors that help me choose the right product for my clients are the variety that a brand offers to me and the quality of the products that upholds my reputation in the industry. And I’m more than pleased to say that Merino laminates is that one name that helps me achieve just that. They offer such a huge portfolio of modern designs that sometimes end up inspiring me. What’s even better is the quality which makes these laminates always look & feel their best no matter what time throws at them.”

Ar. Anand DeshmukhMind Manifestation Design LLP

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Mr. Ananth Kumar SinhaPrestige Estates Projects Limited

“Working with these laminates in the past has been an absolute delight. On a recent project that I did for ARM Embedded Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 08th Floor, Tower C, Logix Park, Sector 62-, Noida, I made sure that I use nothing but Merino Restroom Cubicles. So many options with so much emphasis on quality. I admit, I was completely spoilt for choice. The team at Merino was extremely cooperative too as they successfully managed to comply with my urgent requirements. Overall, I had an experience that I’m looking forward to enjoy again.”

Ms. Alka GalaInnovation India

“Merino Restroom Solution products deliver great value to the business because of their product quality and helpful nature of support staff; their restroom cubicle range was perfect for our requirement as we wanted high class functionality without compromising the elegant look. Their installation team made sure that entire experience was hassle free.”

Ar. Vivek RathoreSalient Design Studio