Merino is a pioneer in design and construction of HPL compact made lockers.

Sturdy Merino HPL compact laminate made enclosures combined with state-of-the-art hardware design gives you an extensive range of customised styles and sizes for your individual storage needs. Be it a changing room, library, clubhouse, gym, swimming pool or school, Merino lockers are a perfect fit for every application.

Advantages of Merino Locker Systems

Excellent resistance to vandalism

Strong, durable, resistant to impact  yet aesthetically pleasing

Various colour options

Water resistant

Easy to clean and maintain

Rust proof

Colours & Finishes

Technical Specifications

Locking Mechanism

We offer a range of locks (Cam Lock, Hasp Lock) to suit most environments.

Merino HPL compact laminate for water resistance and excellence durability

9 mm thick compact laminate made shelf provides robust structure

9 mm thick compact laminate made doors with integrated hinge design

Slide & Back Divider
3 mm thick compact laminate made slide and back divider

Top & Bottom Divider
9 mm thick compact laminate made top and bottom divider Top & Bottom Divider provide stability to the whole structure

Hardware & Accessories

  • Aluminum front channel (powder coated/anodized, silver coloured)
  • Back channel (powder coated/anodized, silver coloured)
  • Aluminium half round channel (powder coated/anodized, silver coloured)
  • Number plate
  • Hinge
  • Rubber lining (black)
  • Cam lock
  • Fasteners (Stainless Steel)
  • M.S. U-Clip (powder coated, silver coloured)

All measurement in millimeters.