The Problem

Infectious diseases and viruses, such as COVID-19, can be transferred from one person to another by either coming in contact or touching contaminated surfaces. Washing and sanitization of hands at regular interval is a great defence against COVID-19.

One can control maintain hygiene in private place but being in public space brings many complex challenges for this simple task. Using sanitizers is convenient but they are of limited help when your hands are dirty or greasy.

The best and the most effective method is to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds which renders absolute cleanliness. But hand washing facility is not always available in public places and visiting the restroom just to wash hands may not be convenient.

The Solution

Merino presents PuriWash, a mobile foot operated hand wash station that can be placed in any premise serving as a hand wash kiosk eliminating the need to touch faucets and also visit restrooms or toilets to only wash hands.

Key Features –

  • Foot Operated water flow
  • Sensor operated touchless soap dispenser
  • Inbuilt freshwater and wastewater storage
  • Made of anti-bacterial compact
  • Completely mobile
  • Available in 5 shades
Impact Resistant
Impact Resistant
Compact Design
Saves Water
Foot Pedal

Pedal Operated Water Flow

Sensor Operated Soap Dispenser
Tissue Paper Dispenser
Water Faucet with Atomizer
Waste Inlet

Available Shades

Unlike other similar products in the market which are made of SS, Merino PuriWash is available in exciting shades which gel with the interiors of the premise they are deployed.

PuriWash Variants

PuriWash comes in 4 variants:

  1. Compact Portable Unit – With inbuilt storage
  2. Compact Static Unit – Direct Supply and Drainage Connection, without storage
  3. Laminate+Plywood Portable Unit – With inbuilt storage
  4. Laminate+Plywood Static Unit – Direct Supply and Drainage Connection, without storage
  5.  Puriwash 2.0 – Portable unit with inbuilt storage, Made of HDHMR Pre Laminated board

Application Areas

Merino PuriWash is a great option for offices, classrooms, hospitals reception areas, chemist shops, foodservice, factories, airports, public transport facilities and other indoor locations. Our portable station helps to stop the spread of numerous illnesses by eliminating germs through basic hand washing hygiene.


Schools & Colleges

Office Receptions


Lift Lobbies

Build and Specifications

A simple, ergonomic and practical design that is completely mobile and easy-to-plug in. It is self contained and no water supply or drainage hose is required. Just plug into a 220V supply and enjoy safe hand washing experience.  Some key features of Merino PuriWash are: –

  • Foot operated water flow
  • Sensor operated soap dispenser for extra safety
  • Fresh water & waste water tanks of 20 litres capacity each
  • Stainless steel sink & faucet
  • Waste bag holder to collect used tissues
  • Cabinet made out of anti-bacterial Merino HPL Compact
  • Extremely durable
  • Top of the line water pump from Crompton
  • 2 spare cans provided with the package


Country of Origin India
Application Indoors
Dimensions 680 x 605 x 1287
Fresh Water Capacity 20 Litres
Grey Water Capacity 20 Litres
Cabinet Material Anti Bacterial Compact (HPL) Board 12mm
Countertop Material HPL Board/ Solid Surface
Sink Size 400 W x 400 L x 175 D | 850 mm (Height from Ground)
Sink Material Stainless Steel (SS 304)
Models 4 (Compact Portable, Compact Static, Laminate Mobile, Laminate Static)
Faucet Chrome Plated Brass Faucet with Atomiser
Operations 220 V AC Power
Soap Dispenser Yes (350 ml, Sensor Based)
Sanitizer No (User can place it on the counter)
Waste Bin Capacity 15-20 Litres
Wheels Capacity 125kgs (with front brakes)
Water Pump Capacity 0.5 HP Crompton
Additional Tanks Yes (2X20 Litres)
Plumbing Connections PVC (Mistake Proof Connectors-Color Coded)
Power Cord 2 Meters
Weight 76 kgs(Dry Weight)

Comparison Chart


What is warranty we are providing with PuriWash?

6 months on all components and 1 Years on HDHMR Board

Can the purity station be used by differently abled people?

No – But can be customized as per the requirement with proper MOQ

Is PuriWash a DIY product?

No, PuriWash is a plug n play product.

Why the pedal is higher than ground level?

The pedal has been deliberately kept at a height from ground to inhibit casual resting of foot during the usage causes due to which water flows continuously causing water wastage.

Does PuriWash have a sanitizer holder/dispenser?

No, user can place it on the counter

Does water flow for fixed time after pressing the pedal once?

No, water only flows as long as the pedal is pressed with the foot.

Why water flow is not sensor based?

Sensor based faucet operate on human proximity. If the sensor is strong, the water continues to flow even when the person is taking soap and rubbing

What is the arrangement if the customer has inlet and drainage option?

If the customer has water supply and drainage facility, the tanks, motor and plumbing will be removed from the package and price will be reduced.

Can the PuriWash be used by children?

Yes, above 10 years of age