The Urinal Modesty Panels (UMPs) made for men restrooms are visually appealing, robust and easy to maintain.

UMP is very important aspect of  privacy in public and semi-public mens toilets areas. A lack of privacy will lead to both negative consequences in cleanliness and health repercussions. UMP’s are designed to ensure the privacy of users while  keeping hygiene a top priority.

Advantages of Merino’s Urinal Modesty Panels

Strong, durable, resistant to impact  yet aesthetically pleasing

Various colour options

Water resistant

Easy to clean and maintain

Colours & Finishes

Technical Specifications

Material & Size

The Urinary Panel has a 12 mm thick High Pressure Laminates (HPL) Compact Board, with a recommended panel width dimensions of 400-500 mm. The size of the UMP is 500 mm (W-Top) X 400 mm (W-Bottom) X 1200 mm (H), with the overall height of 1200 mm.

Hardware & Accessories

It has hardware made of polyamide grade 6 (nylon) or stainless steel.

All measurement in millimeters.