Over the years, Merino has designed, built, and installed thoughtful restroom solutions that always keep the user experience as the top priority. Merino has continually added new offerings in its portfolio in an effort to provide an integrated ecosystem of restroom products serving as a one stop solution for all your restroom needs.

Taking one step further in this direction, Merino presents newest addition to the product basket – PREMIUM & Stylish Vanity Systems which aim to provide homogenous aesthetics in the entire restroom.

Water Resitant
One-Stop Solution
Integrated Waste Receptacles
Impact Resistant
Impact Resistant
Installation by Merino
Highly Customizable

Floor Mounted

In this type of system, the entire structure rests on the floor using legs similar to the ones used in Merino Restroom Cubicles. Floor Mounted Vanity System go best with the Floor Mounted Restroom models like Titan Series, ZMS Series.


In this type of system, the entire structure sits on a MS frame which is mounted on the wall using screws. Wall Mounted Vanity Systems greatly complement Wall & Ceiling Mounted Restroom Models like Athena Lite, Ceiling Hung & Axis.

Colours & Shades