The Problem

Infectious diseases and viruses, such as COVID-19, can be transferred from one person to another by either coming in contact or touching contaminated surfaces. 

  • Public restrooms have always been a huge repository of various kinds of bacteria
  • People are highly apprehensive to touch things inside a public restroom
  • But with the advent of COVID-19, this apprehension has graduated to a need to not touch anything in a public place let alone in a restroom
  • Hence, we need immediate but cost effective solutions to eliminate hand touch as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID 19

The Solution

Merino presents Foot Latch, a restroom cubicle accessory that allows the user to lock and unlock the door of the cubicle using his/her foot.

Key Features –

  • Completely hands free
  • Integrated occupancy indicator
  • Highly Durable– Made of SS 304
  • High tolerance of slider for effortless operation
  • Suitable for any type of cubicle or door
  • Easy Installation – Can be installed within minutes without any formal training
Impact Resistant
Foot Operated
Water Resistant
Easy Installation

Working Mechanism

  • User pushes the kick plate to enter the cubicle
  • The user places his/her shoe on the teeth made on female part of the latch and pushes the door to locking position
  • After the door reaches locking position, the user slides the latch mounted on the pilaster to lock the door. In this process the outside occupancy indicator turns red.
  • To unlock the door, the user slides back the slider from locking position to release the door. In this process the occupancy indicator turns white. The user now places his/her shoe on the teeth made on female part of the latch and pulls the door to open it.


Country of Origin India
Application Restroom Door, Internal Door
Dimensions L 131 X W 118 X H 49 mm
No. of Components 4 ( Foot Slider, Foot Pull, Push Plate and Occupancy Indicator Assembly)
Material SS 304
Occupancy Indicator Yes (with Color Blind option)
Joinery Mechanism M4 SS screws (Included in the package)
Weight 350 gms (0.350 Kg)
Test Certificates Salt Spray Test (1500 Hours)
Finish/es Brushed Satin Finish (Also available in Lacquered and Powder coating)
Operations Inward opening, Outward Opening Doors
Door Swings Left and Right
Accessibility Feature No
Project Type New Installations , Retro Projects
Door Thickness 12mm and 18mm
Door Material HPL Compact, Plywood, Particle board, MDF, HDF, Solid Wood (Does not work with Glass or Metal Doors)
Keys Required No


Can the foot latch be installed in the PD Door?

Yes, slightly different assembly available for it

Can foot latch be installed with nylon hardware cubicles?

It can be installed. The color can be matched by powder coating in black, grey and white

Is Foot Latch available in Nylon?

No, Foot Latch is only available in SS

Does it require a skilled carpenter to install Merino foot latch?

No, it can be easily installed by a semi-skilled carpenter

Can Merino Foot Latch be installed in only new cubicles?

No, Foot Latch can be installed in any cubicle whether old or new

Can Merino Foot Latch be installed on ordinary doors?

Merino Foot Latch can be installed in any door made of HPL Compact, Plywood, Particle board, MDF, HDF, Solid Wood.

What if the door doesn’t close completely with the gravity hinge?

If the door doesn’t reach the closing position with gravity hinge, the teeth grab on the door can be used to push/pull the door to desired position.