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1. Foreword
The objective of this standard is to develop an ASEAN Public Toilet Standard that can be implemented by ASEAN Member States to ensure the quality, comfort, safety and proper waste management of public toilets in general at touristic destinations within the ASEAN Region. The development of the ASEAN Public Toilet Standard is in line with the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan (ATSP) 2011-2015. With reference to the previous toilet standard the resulting standard will
still focus on four main criteria which are Design & Environmental Management System, Amenities & Facilities, Cleanliness and Safety.

2. Introduction
A basic yet vital component in the tourism industry that can make or break the tourist experience is when the tourist has to use the toilet. These toilets need to be clean, hygienic, complete with various amenities and facilities, located conveniently, well maintained and using proper waste management systems. There are various types of toilets within the ASEAN region with different norms and designs. This standard looks at common criterias that should be practiced at all public toilets in the ASEAN region.

3. Scope
The Public Toilets Standard is divided into four main criteria which recommend how a public toilet should be maintained: Design and Environmental Management System, Amenities and Facilities, Cleanliness and Safety. A public toilet as defined by this standard is a room or booth shared by all people at all times for urination and defecation consisting of at least a bowl fitted with or without a seat (seating or squatting) and connected to a waste pipe and a flushing apparatus. This standard also focuses on public toilets frequented by tourists at places of interest/transit points/popular shopping areas.

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